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The Registrar

Mr. Tony Anene-Maidoh

(The Chief Registrar)

An extract from the Rules of Procedure

The Chief Registrar and the Registrars

Article 9

1. The Court shall appoint the Chief Registrar. Two weeks before the date fixed for making the appointment, the President shall inform the Members of the Court of the applications which have been made for the post. 2. An application shall be accompanied by full details of the candidate's age, Nationality, university degrees, knowledge of any languages, present and past occupations and experience, if any, in judicial and international fields.

3. The Chief Registrar shall be appointed for a term of six years. He may be reappointed for a further term.

4. The Chief Registrar shall take the oath in accordance with Article 17(2) of these Rules before the President of the Court.

5. The Chief Registrar may be deprived of his office only if he no longer fulfils the requisite conditions or no longer meets the obligations arising from his office; the Court shall take its decision after giving the Registrar an opportunity to make representations.

6. If the office of Chief Registrar falls vacant before the normal date of expiry of the term thereof, the Court shall appoint a new Chief Registrar for a term of six years.