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The publications of the Community Court of Justice are published by the Registry, in several series:

Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders

This series contains the decisions of the Court in both the English, French and Portuguese texts. Each decision is published as soon as possible after it has been given, in an unbound fascicle, which is sold separately. To allow for binding, a continuous system of pagination is adopted for all the fascicles of any one year.

Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents

Volumes in this series are published after the termination of each case and contain the documentation relating to the case in the original language, i.e. English, French or Portuguese. This comprises the document instituting proceedings, the written pleadings and (selected) annexes, the verbatim record of the oral proceedings, any documents submitted to the Court after the closure of the written proceedings, and selected correspondence.

Annual Reports

In the second half of each year there appears an Annual Report which an account is given of the work of the Court during the preceding year periods stated.

The Community Court of Justice does not itself have a Sales Section.