• The Guest Speaker at the 2023 international conference of the ECOWAS Court, Professor Chidi Odinkalu, has urged African Union Member States to ratify the 2014 Malabo Protocol of the African Union which extends the jurisdiction of the yet to be established African Court of Justice on Human Rights to include crimes under international law and translational crimes. ...Read More

  • The ECOWAS Community Court’s 2023 International Conference on Zero Tolerance for Unconstitutional Change of Government,(UCG) in West Africa, has ended in Banjul, the Gambian capital with wide ranging recommendations, including the criminalisation of UCG and the creation of a special task force to intervene in cases of UCG in Member States. ...Read More

  • A former Chief Registrar of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, Mr. Tony Anene-Maidoh, has identified the non-involvement of the region’s political authorities in the enforcement mechanism of the judgments of the Court as a lacuna in the mechanism that requires a “redesign” of the mechanism. ...Read More

  • A panelist at the 2023 international conference of the ECOWAS Court, Professor Oumarou Narey, has cast doubt on the efficacy of West Africa’s constitutional convergence principles of 2001 as the panacea for ensuring political stability in the region following the resurgence of military dictatorships in the region compounded by efforts at tenure elongation by elected leaders. ...Read More


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