The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will on Monday, 21st October 2019 in Accra declare open the 2019 International Conference of the Community Court of Justice which is being held this year on the theme “Economic Integration of West Africa: Challenges and Prospects.”

Some 142 participants, including Judges and staff of the Court, Chief Justices of ECOWAS Member States, members of the academia, Heads of ECOWAS Institutions, Special Representatives of ECOWAS in Member States, Heads of National Units of ECOWAS Member States and development partners, are participating in the four day conference.

“The objective of the conference is to critically appraise the legal aspects of the economic integration agenda of ECOWAS, the enabling legal environment, the community legal order, the challenges and prospects for the realization of the community objectives and the role of the ECOWAS Court of Justice in the integration process, “the Court’s President, Honorable Justice Edward Amoako Asante said on the conference.

He said that this conference, the seventh since its introduction by the Court in October 2004, speaks to the core of the integration process and will highlight the role and primacy of Member States as the primary stake holders in the integration process and the need for them to demonstrate the necessary political will and fulfill their community obligations in order to drive the integration process.

He added that Court is focusing on the economic agenda of the Community and the legal aspects of the integration process in order to evaluate the successes that have been achieved in the integration project as the pacesetter among Africa’s Regional Economic Communities (REC’s) and discuss the initiatives that are needed for the fulfillment of its potential.

Specifically, the President said it will address the need for rule of law, promotion and protection of human rights, democracy and good governance and measures for conflict prevention and management in order to provide the enabling peaceful environment for economic development.

Over 30 papers will be presented at the conference and they will examine various dimensions of West Africa’s regional integration under seven sub themes.

The papers will examine the region’s flagship protocol on the free movement of persons, goods and services as an important factor in integration; the Role of the Community Court of Justice in the integration process; Legal aspects of economic integration; the Rule of Law, good governance as prime factors in economic integration; the basic infrastructure for economic integration as well as Economic integration as a factor for regional stability.