The President of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, Honorable Justice Edward Amoako Asante, has urged staff to brace up for a hectic 2020 as the Court strives towards a significant reduction in the number of pending cases which stood at historic 119 at the end of December 2019.

Speaking at the inaugural award ceremony for staff of the Court on Saturday, 18th January 2020, the President described the ceremony as “another in the mix new of initiatives introduced by the management to improve productivity and reward excellence and hard work.

“Management has done this in recognition of the value of excellence and to encourage staff to excel through the demonstration of the highest sense of responsibility and professionalism,’

Beyond the recognition of deserving staff,  Justice Asante said ceremony is intended through the opportunity for socialization that it affords, to strengthen the bonds among staff, describing this a an important factor in building team spirit which impacts positively on productivity.

In determining the four beneficiaries of today’s award, he said that efforts were made to democratize the process through the involvement of staff using the core criteria of punctuality, professionalism, excellence, interpersonal relationship and team spirit.

“These are values we want to inculcate in staff that should nurtured for a new orientation that would help the Court better deliver on its mandate,’ the President said, adding that the involvement of staff was also intended to make the process more transparent and devoid of allegations of bias that will defeat the objective of the exercise.

He described the preceding year as an important milestone in the history of the Court as it delivered 48 decisions, comprising 38 judgments and 10 rulings, the highest in the history of the 19 year old court.

The President paid tribute to the staff, who by their dedication and commitment, contributed to the attainment of this laudable achievement thereby aligning with the expressed commitment of the judges to make a difference through the quality and number of their decisions.

In order to create the environment conducive for enhance performance, the President said the management was working on  ensuring progressive improvements in the working conditions through the provision of the appropriate tools, addressing the staff welfare issues and engaging  with the host government to resolve the Court’s acute office accommodation challenges.

He congratulated the four beneficiaries and assured the staff that management was mulling the possibility of other rewards for future beneficiaries.

A staff of the language service unit, Mrs Ndeye Siny Sarr Ly emerged the overall best staff while three others Mrs Madeleine Dieye Abdullahi, Mrs Kofororola A. Adenigbagbe and Mr Daouda Sanfo won the best staff.