Resumption of activities

The Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS will be resuming its activities on Wednesday 13 May, 2020 after its prolonged break occasioned by the Corona pandemic.

The Court extended its break on 24 March 2020, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 and in compliance with the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the country’s Lagos, Ogun States as well as the Federal Capital Territory

The President of the Court, Honorable Justice Edward Amoako Asante said the impending resumption followed the easing of the lockdown by the host Member State since 4th May 2020.

He said the Court has taken appropriate measures in line with the directives of the host government to fumigate and disinfect its offices prior to resumption.

Moreover, he said other measures have been introduced for the safety of staff including mandatory wearing of facemasks, social distancing, constant hand washing and use of hand sanitizers amongst others.

In the meantime, the President said visitors will not be allowed in the Court while Professional visits can only be undertaken with the approval of the management of the Court.

In addition, he said that meetings can only be conducted using electronic collaboration tools, the President added.

Furthermore, he said that the public, particularly lawyers will be informed on the date for the resumption of physical filing of applications.

He said that while arrangements are ongoing for the safety of lawyers and parties in the Court , they can still contact the Court through the under-listed contacts: