The new Chief Registrar of the Court, Dr. Yaouza Ouro Sama, on Wednesday, 19th October 2022 pledged to contribute towards the resolution of some of the challenges confronting the court including the work processes, staff welfare and communication in order to improve on productivity of staff and the image of the Court. In his first meeting with staff since the assumption of duty on 12th   October 2022, the Chief Registrar proposed that the Court aspire towards the creation of a paperless work environment that will replace the existing cumbersome but inefficient process. He suggested that the annual performance evaluation of staff should be anchored on a performance agreement between the supervisor and each staff at the beginning of the year as this will constitute a more objective basis for the evaluation. 

Dr Yaouza, who had a previous human resource experience at the ECOWAS Commission, pledged to work with management to resolve the issue of the stagnation of staff in order to motivate them towards increased productivity and ensure a more predictable career trajectory for each staff while qualified and deserving staff were given serious consideration during recruitment exercises to fill vacant positions. He called on staff to demonstrate the spirit of unity and solidarity in order to engender the cordial and convivial atmosphere necessary to support the institution achieve its objectives, adding that the issue of the poor internal communication needed to be addressed to end the prevailing culture of rumours which is inimical to the institution.

He also committed to contribute towards clearing the backlog of the Court’s of law reports, the acceleration of the completion of the Electronic Case Management System (ECMS), the finalisation  and operationalisation of the institution’s corporate design  as well as the review of the Court’s  organogram to ensure that the positions of all existing staff were captured. The meeting was attended by Directors and staff who were given the opportunity to ask questions most of which relate to staff welfare and the improvement of work processes.