Twenty staff of the ECOWAS Court of Justice have started a ten-day capacity building program at Nassarawa State near Abuja aimed at reinforcing their organizational development skills for greater efficiency in the service of the Court.

The President of the Court, Justice Edward Amoako Asante said the exercise is part of the management’s strategy for improving staffs’  Corporate productivity to enable them cope with the evolving work environment and was the outcome of  the periodic systematic review and evaluation of the activities of the organization for organizational growth and development.

In particular, he said this followed management’s impact assessment of the staff training of the last five years  which  showed that staff training centered on job specifics and departmental aspirations at the expense of the variables of organizational development,  corporate mandate, vision and mission.

He further said that through its strategic plan, the Court has developed its core values which are independence, impartiality, integrity and accessibility which were never considered in the work patterns and core values which have been identified as important tools and institutional instruments to streamline and facilitate the actualization of an organizational vision.

During the training, two themes will be developed according to the department of deployment of the staff  with the first centred on “Communication Strategies for Change Management” for Registry, Research, Communication and Administration Divisions. This has the objective of equipping the participants to understand the value of communication in change management, its impact on the organization and the role of staff in the successful implementation of new policies.

The second theme, for Accounts and Protocol Divisions, aims at “Improving Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change” and will provide participants with practical strategies and techniques to improve attitude and beliefs hindering personal and professional growth.

The training, which is being conducted by a human resource management team from  Teach House, holds from April 23 to May 5, 2023.