The 15th Administration and Finance retreat of the Community Court of Justice, which will adopt its draft budget for 2024 opened  on Tuesday, 11th July 2023 at Goshen city near Abuja.

The five day retreat, which is being attended by Judges and strategic level staff of the Court, will discuss the judicial and other activities of the Court  and developments since the last retreat held in 2022 and make recommendations for improving the functioning of the Court.

In a message to the opening ceremony, the President, Justice Edward Amoako Asante  called for the active participation of staff through their interventions and recommendations that will enable the Court take decisions that will enhance its effectiveness in the service of the Community.

The President, who was represented by the Vice President, Justice Gberi-be Ouattara, described the retreat as one of the important activities of the Court as it offers an opportunity to review the progress achieved with its policies and programmes as well as discuss the activities for the next year, including its budget which is critical for the success of the Court.

As part of the opening, a minute’s silence was observed for a former judge of the Court, Justice Keikura Bangura and two retired staff,  Mr. Olivier Ahogny and Mr. Vicente Mendes Correa who died within  the last one year.

The Director of the Administration and Finance, Dr. William Deiyan Towah presented the objectives and expectations of the retreat which « holds tremendous significance, as it provides us with a valuable opportunity to reflect upon our achievements, confront challenges head-on, and explore the promising prospects that lie ahead.’’

He said the retreat will deliberate on the draft budget which he described as crucial for the functioning of the Court, noting that it twill also  ‘’ serve as a platform for us to discuss and analyze the budget, evaluate our priorities, and make informed decisions that align with our mission and goals.’’

He therefore urged the participants to work actively and share their invaluable insights during the discussions of the presentations from the various departments, divisions and units of the Court.

He also emphasised the significance of the development of Key Performance Indicators for programs which should  ‘’serve as vital yardstick to measure our progress, gauge the effectiveness of our efforts, and foster a culture of accountability and transparency,’’ adding that ‘’by defining these performance indicators, we can monitor our performance, identify areas of improvement, and ensure that our programs, projects and initiatives are aligned with pour overarching objectives.’’

During the five (5) day retreat, various presentations will be made on the activities of the various departments, divisions and units and proposals for the forthcoming year. Presentations will be made by the Administration and Finance Department, the Registry, the Research and Documentation Department as well as Communication and Information Unit.

The retreat will also discuss the 2024 draft budget and work  work programme of the Court as well as review the implementation of the 2023 Budget.

Participants at the retreat include Judges of the Court, the Chief Registrar, Directors, Heads of Division and Units and staff members of the Administration and Finance Department, Registry, Research and Documentation Department and the Communication and Information Technology Unit.