In accordance with the structuring of the organogram of the ECOWAS Court of Justice adopted by the Council of Ministers in May 2018, the Administration and Human Resources Division is placed Under the supervision of the Director of the Department of Administration and Finance with the following responsibilities.

  • Advise with respect to trends and developments in administrative matters, and human resources issues;
  • Ensure the coordination and control of the activities of Heads of Units and Sections within the Division.
  • Implement the Human resources management policy within the Court as defined by the relevant texts adopted by the Community bodies (daily administrative management of staff, elaboration of the post description, recruitment and follow-up of the career plan of the Professional and auxiliary staff of the Court, monitoring of the performance evaluation and building of the operational capacities of staff members etc.
  • participate in the implementation of all measures to allow rational management of the material resources of the Court through: the preparation of the budget of the Department of Administration and Finance, the identification of the needs of materials and Supplies from the various departments, the elaboration and implementation of the annual procurement plan, the management of the fleet of cars and the supervision of the security personnel made available to the Court;
  • ensure the preparation of biannual and annual reports of activities relating to the administrative management and human resources of the Court and to report to the control and audit structures in accordance with the rules established in this field within the ECOWAS
  • participate, in connection with the other ECOWAS institutions, in the formulation and implementation of all measures aimed at ensuring better social protection for staff members (medical insurance, life insurance – Accident – and Professional risks, Retirement pension);
  • o ensure, in relation to the Management of the Court, the formulation of all measures aimed at maintaining a good social climate within the court.