The ECOWAS Court is organising a three-day training seminar for judicial and legal stakeholders in Guinea as part of its annual programme of familiarising them with Community Law as well as the organisation and functioning of the Court.

The training, one of the two scheduled by the Court for 2019 as part of the programme of activities for 2019, opens in Conakry on 3rd October 2019 with judges, lawyers, law lecturers and law students expected to participate.

The leader of the ECOWAS delegation to the seminar, Honorable Justice Januaria Costa, said the seminar will also familiarize participants with the Court’s competences, regulations and jurisprudence.

Moreover, she said it would also provide the opportunity to establish working relations and cooperation between the ECOWAS Court and the judiciary, the members of the Bar Association and the law faculties of Guinea.

Participants will also discuss the composition, mandate and competences of he Court as well as relations with the national jurisdictions.

The training will also focus on the general procedure, the review of judgments, and the intervention of third parties. Participants will also discuss case law, human rights, procedures for the execution of the decisions of the Court and sanctions for non-execution.

Participants will also brainstorm on the challenges and prospects of the institution