The orientation program aimed at familiarising newly recruited staff members with the functioning of the various departments of the Court ended on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, in Nasarawa, a state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A total of eight (8) presenters from the Registry, Research and Documentation, Administration and Finance departments, as well as the Court’s Communication and Information division and a facilitator from the ECOWAS Commission briefed the participants on the role and activities of their respective services. 

The beneficiaries of this training, ten in number (10), actively participated in the various sessions and expressed their satisfaction with the different modules, emphasising the fact that not only was the training informative but above all it will enable them to carry out their duties efficiently. 

In his closing speech, the Vice-President of the Court, Honorable Justice Gbéri-Bè Ouattara, moderator during the three days of training, congratulated the participants who demonstrated seriousness and professionalism during the programme. He also urged the participants to be conscious of the importance of their mission in the activities of the Court and particularly in the handling of procedures.

Justice Gbéri-Bè Ouattara declared that he had no reason to doubt that the new recruits will make qualitative contribution to the Court given their performance during the recruitment interviews. 

The Vice President maintained that through their work, interpreters and translators direct the thinking and work of judges to the point of influencing the trial and subsequent decision. He therefore called on translators to be faithful in translations in order to guarantee the good quality of their work.

He recognized the difficulties faced by translators and interpreters and promised that the management of the Court will make it easy for them to carry out their mission.

Finally, he called on the participants to demonstrate humility, noting that it is only in this state of mind that “we learn, share and accept criticism if we want to improve our performances”. Citing a wise man from his country, the former President of Côte d’Ivoire, late Félix Houphouët Boigny, Justice Gbéri-Bè Ouattara concluded that “humility has never been incompatible with dignity, one grows while remaining humble and tolerant.”